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Welcome to the Argaï - The Prophecy (2000) WikiEdit

Argaï Wiki about the Original French TV Series, provided by DARkTYranno\ArgaïProject.
The Project started in 2010 and is still running!

Warning: This Wiki contains 100% Spoilers. Nothing is hidden here.
We take it you already know the series well enough. Enter at your own risk! ;)

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Argaï Fanlogo by DARkTYranno

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Wiki Main CategoriesEdit

About the Series

  • About
  • - Discover various basic, general and specific details about the series.
  • Episodes
  • - Guide for the Episodes + full Dutch Series to Watch (Some ENG subbed!)
  • Characters
    • Main
    • - Most Important Characters in the Series.
    • Returning
    • - Characters that appear at least a few times in the Series.
    • Single Episode
    • - Specific Characters that appear in just one episode during the Series (Exceptions excepted).
    • Robots
    • - Robots in the Series, purely Evil.
  • Ingredients
  • - All Ingredients needed to create the Antidote!
  • Objects
  • - Info about several Objects used in the Series.
  • Locations
    • Areas
    • -This includes (Parts of) a Country, Planet, City or Region.
    • Buildings
    • - This includes several Houses and public Buildings like Clubs.
  • Vehicles/Vessels
  • - Transportation Possibilities..? And what can get after you!
  • Verses
  • - All verses found in the series, at the end of episodes, but also during some.
  • Various Topics
  • - Covers the TimeTravelling, Final Ritual, Evil Logo and some other Topics.


  • Funfacts
  • - Covers Funny things, exaggerations or mistakes in the series.
  • GIF Library
  • - Simple Animations Captured using Series Movie materials, Just for Fun!

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